A Rugged Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speaker and an Electronics Learning Kit Are Your Daily Deals

Daily Deals 050916

The Eton Rugged Rukus is the Bluetooth speaker we all want for outdoor living. It has a built-in batter that’ll keep the music playing for up to 8 hours, PLUS it has a solar panel that will keep your portable device charged up while it feeds the music to the speaker. And it’s IPX4-rated for durability and water-resistance. And it’s on sale today for just $40!

The Circuit Maker Skill Builder 125 is one of those snap-together circuit sets that speeds learning about electronics with a huge array of cool projects. And it’s on sale today for just $22!


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GeekDad Daily Deal: Blumoo Universal Remote for iOS, Android, and Alexa

GeekDad DD 050916

Say goodbye to the days of lost remote controls and cluttered electronic gear. Blumoo connects your smartphone to your electronic devices for complete access, literally at your fingertips. Control your home theater experience from the couch or around the house— Blumoo gives you 150-ft of powerful Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Get universal control of your home theater w/ a simple, one touch system
  • Enjoy support for Alexa on Amazon Echo, Dot, Tap, Fire Stick & Fire TV
  • Get powerful music streaming functionality
  • Scroll through the custom TV guide based on your service, postal code & preferences
  • Easily upgrade your A/V equipment from your connected iOS or Android device
  • Download the Apple Watch App
  • Automatically update it over the air to add new features, device libraries & functionality
  • Control over 250,000 A/V components
  • Set up quickly & easily

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Save On a Kickstarted Smartphone and Infusion Water Bottles With Today’s Daily Deals

Daily Deals 0508016

Nextbit Robin is the product of a very successful Kickstarter campaign to make a new kind of Smartphone: one that’s actually smart. The Robin manages your onboard storage, actively archiving underused files and apps to a dedicated cloud account so you don’t have to worry about space. It’s also an excellent phone, running a nearly-clean version of Android, so it’ll work with all the popular apps out there. And it’s on sale today for just $299 unlocked.

Want infused water without paying huge prices to even huger corporations? Make your own! Pick up a Savvy Infusion 24oz. bottle for just $20 today.

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Save 35% on a KitchenAid PRO Mixer, a Battery Caddy, and $50 Off the Samsung Gear G2 Smartwatch

Daily Deals 050716

The KicthenAid mixer is the gold standard for mixers; they’re durable, functional, and stylish. And today, you can save 35% off select KitchenAid PRO series 500 mixers.

All us us geeks have a little (or more than a little) organizational OCD in us, and this looks like a perfect tool to help tidy up one corner of our homes: a battery caddy, specifically designed to hold each common size of batter, plus it includes a tester to make sure your batteries are all in good shape. Just $10 while supplies last!

Get $50 off a variety of Samsung Gear G2 smartwatches, and roll out with style and functionality.


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10 Exciting New Gadget Projects on Kickstarter This Week

KS Gadgets 050616

GeoOrbital Wheel | Make your bike electric in 60 seconds

It’s not very often that someone actually reinvents the wheel.


FormBox: A Desktop Vacuum Former That Makes Beautiful Things

Another technology makes the leap from the factory floor to your desk.


PolySmooth & Polysher: 3D Prints Without Layers

Produces prints that are all shiny and smooth, no jaggedys.


The Modern HiFi Stereo Console

Handsome furniture holds your vinyl, plays your Bluetooth audio.


Bright-Eye Telescopes

Astronomy prof/evangelist at UC Berkeley upgrades a classic design.


The Edie Windsor Coding Scholarship Fund for LGBTQ women

Edie, who took marriage equality to the Supreme Court, was an early IBM programmer.


Chornobyl360 — Interactive Virtual Reality Documentary

Experience the Exclusion Zone while avoiding all that pesky radiation.

Hybrid Tube Amp for the Raspberry Pi

Two eras of tech mashed up in a tiny package.


DuoGraph Drawing Machine

Hypnotic math-doodler with 16 wooden gears.


HoloGrid: Monster Battle (Augmented Reality Board Game)

Making the Millennium Falcon’s holographic monster-chess board a reality.

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Outdoor Speakers and Self-Inflating Mattresses Are Your Daily Deals!

Daily Deals 050616

Pick up these rugged and excellent-sounding Yamaha outdoor speakers, just $99 each today!

Get this Intex queen-sized airbed with built-in pump and pillows for only $30!


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Daily Deals on Pressure Cookers, Touchless Trash Cans, and Spirograph!

Daily Deals 050516

I’m a huge proponent of pressure cookers, and the modern electronic cookers make the whole process very easy (and very safe). Today, the very popular InstantPot electronic pressure cooker is on sale for 20% off, so pick one up and make some amazing food, fast!

The kitchen trash can is one of the main collectors of grime and bacteria in your house, especially with kids around. So a trash can that opens without touch is a perfect idea to avoid colds and other problems. And today, the iTouchless 13-gallon trash can is on sale for just $48!

Who didn’t love Spirograph when we were kids (or kids-at-heart)? The classic Spirograph is still available, and on sale today for just $17!


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Mu-so Qb: The Best Sound I’ve Ever Heard From an 8″ Cube

Mu-so QB Large
It’d look good on a Bond villain’s desk.

When I first set the Naim Audio Mu-so Qb up on the counter in our kitchen, and started playing the soundtrack from Tron: Legacy through it via AirPlay from my iPhone, my 17 year-old son walked into the room, paused to listen, then said “wow, that’s clear!” No sarcasm, just honest praise from a teenager. Oh my.

And it was. It was clear, it was strong, and it was – it is – impressive.

It’s also expensive, but this is one of those times when you get what you pay for.

Naim Audio is a high-end audio brand from the UK that makes very, very good speakers, amplifiers, and other audiophile-quality components. They also make sound systems for cars. But not just any cars. They make sound systems for Bentleys. Yeah, wow.

Naim’s wireless music system is called Mu-so, and it’s akin to the offerings from Bose or Sonos that are meant to deliver good sound to a room, and give you the option of having units in multiple rooms that you can network so you can have a whole-house audio experience. They have two devices, the larger Mu-so, and the unit they sent me, the Mu-so Qb (like a cube, get it?). And while there is a similarity between the intents of the various whole home audio products, comparing something like Bose to the Mu-so is like comparing a decent, mid-sized Toyota to, well, a Bentley. While both will get you from point A to point B in about the same amount of time, you’re going to enjoy riding in the Bentley a whole lot more.

Mu-so Qb Top
The top is a touch-screen controller.

The Qb is a cube, a little over 8″ on a side. The base is a thick slab of lucite, completely transparent save for the Naim logo etched in it, and when you power the unit up, a very cool white glow emanates. Seriously, this thing would look awesome in a Bond villain’s lair, or as a prop on Star Trek:TOS. It’s also VERY heavy for its size. That’s good, because with the bass this thing puts out, if it were any lighter, it’d probably walk off the table. But it doesn’t.  In fact, it doesn’t rattle, shake, shimmy, or do anything that cheaper speakers with more power than refinement often do.

You turn it up, and there’s no distortion. You turn it up some more, and still no distortion. The bass is clear, with impact, but it doesn’t get in the way of the total sound experience. Indeed, you hear the bass, you hear the mid-range, and you hear the highs, and each provide distinct voices that play together. In so many other small form-factor speakers, there’s just one actual speaker unit trying to do the whole job, so everything is mashed together, and the sound becomes mushy. You can still hear voices and instruments, but because the speaker is melding all the waveforms together, you’re getting a hybrid of the music.

The Qb has five speakers: two tweeters and two mid-range drivers that are focused away from each other to provide stereo separation, and each powered by a 50W amp. Then there’s a woofer, powered by a 100W amp, that disperses the low-end out the front, and out the sides with two passive radiators. All together, that’s 300W of power running some excellent hardware, and delivering distinct, balanced sound better than you’ve ever heard from 512 cubic inches. It’s plenty of power to drive really, really good sound in a large room or outdoor space.

Mu-so Qb Front

So, the sound is awesome, but what about the connectivity? Connectivity is everything in this day and age, and the Qb has it in spades. AirPlay? Check. Bluetooth? Check – and double check, as it uses the aptX audio codec when available to pull in CD-quality sound. Aux in? Check. But wait, there’s more.

How about USB in? Yeah, you can plug your iDevice into it via USB rather than headphone jack, and play the files digitally rather than in analog mode. And you can plug in a USB drive and play the files on it as well, because it supports UPnP (Universal Plug-n-Play).

Since it has Airplay, you know it already has wifi built in, but how about this: it has an ethernet port in back. You can hard-wire this machine to your network to avoid any kind of interference and, with that aforementioned UPnP, access all those CDs you ripped to the NAS on your home network.

And for the hardcore audiophiles, it even has optical audio in -Optical S/PDIF (TosLink) up to 96kHz which, if you understood that, is really, really cool.

Plus, with the connected app, you have easy access to the nearly limitless variety of internet radio stations. And built-in support for Spotify Connect and Tidal. Oh, and it’ll act as an alarm clock. There, I think that’s about it.

You might have gotten the impression by now that I love the Mu-so Qb. As I write this, the loaner unit Naim sent me is about 4 feet behind me, playing some awesome spaced-out ambient and mid-tempo electronics from Space Station Soma, and I’m happy. Well, I’m mostly happy, but a little sad, too, because I have to send the unit back. And, since a new one costs – gulp – $999, it’s going to be a while before I can get something that provides such a lovely listening experience again.

But here’s the thing: the Mu-so Qb isn’t overpriced. If you value high-quality audio in a versatile and attractive package, you expect to pay a premium, and for the price, the Qb is worth every penny.

You can get the Qb on Amazon, at select Apple stores or the Apple store online, or specialist audio retailers all over.


Note: while Naim Audio provided a review unit, it was a loaner, and the unit was shipped back. I miss it already.

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5x Video and 5x Tabletop – 10 Awesome New Gaming Projects on Kickstarter This Week


Kickstarter VG 050416

Lynn and the Spirits of Inao

A Studio-Ghibli-esque platformer with flying whales.


Niche – a genetics survival game

Natural selection is a tricky, messy business.


Pirates of the Polygon Sea

Like Sid Meier’s Pirates, but with more polygons.


Dystoria, a 6-axis space shooter with an 80’s arcade vibe

So many axes of action in space! Turn up the synthwave.


Stern Pinball Arcade: AC/DC

I always fill my ballroom / the event is never small.



KS TTG 050416

HoloGrid: Monster Battle (Augmented Reality Board Game)

That guy who made the holographic chess game in Star Wars? He’s making this.


The Depths of Durangrar: A Dungeon Crawler…in the dark

Strap on (real) night-vision goggles and hunt hapless heroes.


Sol: Last Days of a Star

An imminent supernova throws several worlds into a bit of a tizzy.


Campaign Trail

Play along at home with this timely election-based boardgame.


Awful Fantasy: the Card Game

A very serious take on a game about writing hilariously bad fantasy novels.

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Amazon Daily Deals Goes ‘Star Wars’ Crazy on May the Fourth (Be With You)

Daily Deals 050416

Apparently someone inside Amazon is very aware of today’s date, and has programmed the Daily Deals accordingly. Check out just some of the Star Wars-related stuff (much of it kitchen gadgets) on special sale today:

Star Wars Death Star Kitchen Timer for $14.

Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ Tongs With Sounds for $24.

Star Wars Death Star Spatula for $12.

Star Wars Lightsaber Bottle Opener With Sounds for $20.

Angry Birds Star Wars AT-AT Attack Battle Game for $17.

There’s loads more, so click through and take a look around.


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