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Hand-Knitted Sweater for a Giraffe

giraffe sweater

Knitting a sweater and giving it to a friend or family member is a traditional expression of affection. Mai Yamashita and Naoto Kobayashi knitted this enormous one to fit a full grown giraffe in a zoo. Still, “they knew that the giraffe would never accept the sweater or wear it.” How sad.

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Zombie Attack Alert

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KRTV in Great Falls, Montana, was the victim of a prank in which someone announced over the Emergency Alert System (EAS) that “The bodies of the dead are rising from their graves and are attacking the living.” The station quickly posted a message on their website that the emergency was bogus. The TV station is investigating the source of the prank, and so far say that the message did not originate at KRTV. -via Metafilter

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That’s One Slooooooow Ride

Photographer Nordin Seruyan
captured this amazing photo of a frog hitching a ride on a snail. Hope
he’s not going anywhere soon, that’s one sweet but sloooooow ride! View
it over at 500px: Link
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Mars Rover Curiosity Has Become The First Robot To Drill Another Planet

This is what it went to Mars to do. Drill, baby, drill!

America’s car on Mars is finally being allowed to do what it was designed to do–fire up its hammer drill and bore into the Red Planet. After 182 sols (Martian days) of work, the the first robot equipped to take a bite out of another world got its first taste. To be sure, the Mars rover Curiosity has done some amazing things already, but this has to be pretty satisfying for the engineers who built it. It’s like having a coupe that can hit top speeds of 200 MPH, but you can’t do that yet because it might not be safe–but then suddenly you can!

Curiosity ran some tests last week before making its first hole Friday, and beaming back data to Earth on Saturday. The fresh hole is 2.5 inches deep and about 0.63 inches (1.6 cm) wide. The target rock is called “John Klein,” and it’s a flat exposed piece of bedrock in the Yellowknife Bay region of Gale Crater on Mars.

This rock is interesting to scientists because they believe it holds evidence about extinct wet environments on Mars. Curiosity is uniquely equipped to study the rock’s insides to find out about its past.

Along with boring through rock, the drill sucks up the dirt it produces. Rock dust travels up flutes in the drill bit and is stored in chambers until Curiosity is ready to use it. Like it did with its first scoop samples, Curiosity will swish dirt around in its sample mechanisms to make sure it rinses away any possible Earth contamination. Then its robotic arm will take the powder out of the drill assembly and put it into the scoop mechanism, which will sift it around to screen out any particles bigger than six-thousandths of an inch across. Then the very fine-grained powder sample will go into Curiosity’s X-ray machine and oven to be tested.

Planetary scientists hope to find out what minerals are present within John Klein, which can tell them about how the rock formed–whether it was in a wet environment, a salty environment, and so on. The main goal is to find out whether Gale Crater could have ever been a hospitable place for life. Scientists were thrilled about the drilling operation, according to NASA.

“This is the biggest milestone accomplishment for the Curiosity team since the sky-crane landing last August, another proud day for America,” said John Grunsfeld, associate administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate.

Scientists will be working on the drill powder analysis during the next few days.

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Seriously Amazing (and Funny) G.I. Joe Cosplay on a Real Aircraft Carrier

It’s about time that ninjas did something for charity, and that’s why the Cobra 1st Legion was formed. The group is full of G.I. Joe cosplayers who dress up, visit cool locations around the SF Bay Area, and raise money for tons of worthy charities. Check out some pictures from their amazing photoshoots, below. More »

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Real Life Wolverine Rescues Coworkers After Explosion


Meet Ricardo Fuentes of Mexico City. Ricardo recently pulled several of his coworkers to safety after a methane explosion at the state-run Pemex oil headquarters killed 37 others. When reached for comment why he was unable to save more lives, Ricardo had this to say, “I’m not the f***ing Flash.” But seriously, a moment of silence for those who weren’t so lucky. Per Google translated webpage:

Just when I was helping these people I was photographed. Resembling the character was no coincidence, as a teenager I liked the character from the comics.

“All my friends call me Logan, since I was in high school, this up here (his hair) I comb my hair back and leave alone, then I laugh at these situations in the office because I said that it seems I have horns head and I reply that my hair well so they do not see me, “he laughs.

But Ricardo believes that comparisons are unnecessary when a coincidence put several factors at a site.

“It’s not because I’ve got to find fame, then demanded it, was what was needed and the guy who took the picture could be or could not be and the same would have gone unnoticed, was a series of coincidences which are giving “.

There’s the picture of Wolverine caught post-rescue after the jump. Say, you think if I dressed like Wolverine and did my hair like him everyday I could convince my friends to call me Logan? “Do they like you?” No. “Then probably not.” What about Wolvie? “Doubt it.” But I’m tiiiiiiiiired of being Farts McCloud.

Hit the jump for the shot of Wolverine in action.

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LEGO Loom Machines

So I’m sure you’ve all seen Nico71′s amazing loom machine here but look what Tomasz Zając has just posted: a super cool version using MINDSTORMS NXT and some PF motors!

Now your LEGO robot can knit a warm scarf for you this cold winter;)

See more pictures of this cool (err I mean “warm”) creation here 

 I which I had this superb MINDSTORMS scarf with me when I filmed the Phat Track video at -30°C

: . .


A Few Lego Pieces Transform This Studded Mug Into Whatever You Can Imagine

Thanks to the geniuses at ThinkGeek your coffee isn’t the only thing you can completely fix to your liking in the morning. The store’s new 12-ounce Build-On Brick mug is covered in studs and detents so you can accessorize and customize it with your favorite building toy—which of course always means Lego. More »

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Banana Sea Monster


Venture not to this puddle, for here be dragons. This neat piece of street art, allegedly in Germany, shows the dangers present when you travel into deep, distant waters.

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This Is the Best Tooth Extraction Method I Can Possibly Imagine

Some kids wait until a tooth falls down on its own and then wait to collect whatever the tooth fairy brings. Not this one. She’s just too badass and decides to take matters into her own hands. And her bow. If I ever have a kid, I want her to be just like this. And this. [Lolbrary] More »

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