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Toy Fair 2010 is Coming – And GeekDad Will Be There

Promotional Image by TIA

Promotional Image by TIA

I’m excited to go to the NYC Toy Fair again this year and an thankful that I have more time to plan for it. Rumor is that one or two other GeekDad contributors will be there so a meet-up is hopeful.

The fair is growing this year with over 1200 exhibitors and a reported 7000 never before seen products. I’m skeptical of that last number, but it does promise to be a fun time.

I’ve already got appointments with LEGO, Bandai America, and Playmobile, and probably won’t book too many more. I’d like to keep my schedule open and spend more time cruising around in the cheap booth talking to startups and smaller toy and game companies. I missed the 20% of the floor last year that included most of the independent game houses and startups. This year I’ll start on that end so I can talk with the creators and owners of the companies and hopefully sniff out some cool new games for you all.

If any of you are going and would like to meet a GeekDad or two, ping me on twitter @AntonOlsen and we can coordinate when and where. Or just keep your eye out for the GeekDad shirt. I’ll be wearing one of the new ones from ThinkGeek.

Is there anything special you’d like to me to look at, or seek out?

Take A Guided Tour Of The Universe In New York City


The First Tuesday of every month The Museum of Natural History hosts The Known Universe:A Grand Tour at the Hayden Planetarium. Guests are taken from earth to the edge of the known Universe with an astrophysicist as the tour guide.

Tuesday January 5th at 6:30 P.M. you can join astrophysicist Brian Abbott  on the biggest adventure you can have without leaving New York.  Brian oversees the Digital Universe Atlas, an interactive, 3-D atlas of the Universe that you can download for free.  So if you have any burning questions in astrophysics, come on admit it you do, join Brian for this amazing journey.

WHEN: Tuesday, January 5, 6:30 pm
WHERE: Hayden Planetarium, Space Theater
American Museum of Natural History
Enter at 81st/Rose Center
ADMISSION: $15 adults $13.50 Members, students, and seniors

Check out this video for a preview: